19 yo F with a rash and SOB

Based on a case provided by Lauren Brown, MD.
Edits, graphics and teaching points by Yilin Zhang, MD.


  • List the differential diagnosis of peripheral eosinophilia
  • Evaluate and manage a patient with perpiheral eosinphilia


19 yo F with mild asthma presents with fevers, a new rash, dyspnea and cough x 1 week ago. She first noted a pruritic, migratory rash on her arms/legs that has improved with daily cetirizine. She reports nasal congestion and occasional production of yellow mucus. She’s been increasingly short of breath and wheezy and has needed to use her albuterol inhaler several times a day. She denies any sick contacts, sore throat, myalgias/arthralgias.

Her PMH is notable for exercise-induced asthma with rare albuterol use. She started having bloody diarrhea one month ago and was diagnosed with colitis (possibly IBD) on colonoscopy ~ 10 d prior to presentation for which she received 1 dose of ciprofloxacin. She also has a history of recurrent sinus/ear infections and completed a 2 week course of cefdinir 1.5 months prior to presentation. She takes no other medications and denies any substance use. She is a student and has traveled to California and Hawaii in the past year.

On exam, she is afebrile (up to 39.5C at home), HRs 110-130s, RR 18, BPs 100-110/60-70s, SaO2 96% on 2L NC. She has mild expiratory wheezes on lung exam. Skin exam is notable for this rash:

How would you describe this rash?

  • BMP normal
  • CBC notable for a WBC of 12k (2k eosinophils), hct 32%, plts 517k
  • LFTs normal
  • ESR 106, CRP 139

What is your differential for her laboratory abnormalities? 


A subsequent CT shows the following:

What are some unifying diagnoses for her imaging and laboratory findings? 

What additional work-up do you want now? 




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