TeachIM.org is a free and public online teaching tool designed to decrease the preparation time for high value teaching on internal medicine wards. Initially, the site was called NightReport.org with mystery cases in a standard Morning Report format.  However, as the site and its following grew it transformed into a broader teaching tool for internists and became teachIM.org in early 2018.  We have revamped the site, shifting it towards a standardized format with fully digitized graphics.  The content now also includes clinical images with brief teaching points and scripts for topic-based “Chalk Talks” that address the core diagnostic and management issues in inpatient internal medicine.  The site continues to grow in its quality and breadth with the ultimate goal of providing a comprehensive curriculum that can be delivered by residents and attendings at programs across the country.This website provides three teaching formats that can be used by teachers or for self-directed learning:

1) Clinical Cases (20-30 minutes) – Morning report style cases with revealed content and teaching points along the way. Intended for night shift teaching, when there is no access to daytime conferences.

2) Clinical Images (5 minutes) – One image, one teaching point. Intended for 5 minute warm-ups before rounds or morning report.

3) Chalk Talks (20-30 minutes) – Systematic approach to diagnosis or management of a high yield IM topic. There are a series of images with instructions to prepare the teacher.

Each require some preparation to become familiar with the material before using it to teach.  Each vignette has been de-identified in line with HIPPA Compliance and standards for Free Open Access Medical educational (FOAMed) resources.

The Editors

Brandon Fainstad, MD

Brandon started teachIM.org (previously NightReport.org) in 2014 while working as a nocturnist at University of Washington Medical Center. His vision was to formalize nighttime clinical education by creating an online teaching platform that would decrease the barriers to teaching at night.  The aim of the site has grown considerably since then, and he is now focused on developing a comprehensive online topic-based curriculum to be taught by others.  After working four years as a hospitalist at UW, Brandon transitioned to being the adult medicine educator for the Valley Family Medicine residency program in Renton, WA.  He enjoys teaching diagnostic reasoning and communication skills.  Clinically, he specializes in managing end-stage organ dysfunction, treating substance use disorders and guiding patients and their families through end-of-life care decisions.  He is married and has a remote history of climbing and mountain biking that preceded the birth of his two wonderful kids.

Yilin Zhang, MD

Yilin is a hospitalist/nocturnist that joined the team in 2016. She has a focused interest in medical education – in particular, how to incorportate technology and online teaching tools into everyday teaching and how to simplistically present complex medical information. She is an avid reader of the medical literature and is an amateur artist in her free time.

Neha Deshpande, MD

Neha is the newest member of the TeachIM editorial team. She completed Internal Medicine residency at the UW in 2017 and is currently working as a hospitalist/nocturnist at UWMC. She has a strong passion for medical education, curriculum development, and mentoring.

Other Members of the Team

Lauren Brown, MD

Lauren is a hospitalist at the UWMC and former chief resident for the UW Internal Medicine residency program. She is working with expert radiologists to develop a large archive of clinical images for the site.

Eric LaMotte, MD

Eric is a hospitalist at UWMC and the creator of OslerCast, an internal medicine podcast (check it out!). He serves as the technological consultant for teachIM, helping us streamline our website, analytics, security and outreach.

Shannon McConnaughey, MD

Shannon is a cardiology fellow the UW where she did her IM residency and chief resident year.   She is the ECG educator for the UW IM residency, and starting in 2019 will post her teaching ECGs on teachIM.org.