TeachIM.org is a free and public online tool designed for internal medicine attendings and senior residents with the hope of making it easier for them to teach when they want, the way they want.  We believe it should be easier for physician educators to share and build on one another’s teaching materials rather than spend countless hours re-creating what others have already made.  Many of us miss out on teaching in the moments it would be most effective due to the time it takes to prepare a highly effective talk.

​We have three formats, each with guidance on how to teach the topic and the materials necessary to do so.  Still, we hope you will adapt and build on it based on your own personal needs and preferences.

  • Chalk Talks (20-30 minutes) – The most unique feature to our platform is the ‘Chalk Talk’, a conceptual framework for addressing a clinical question that fits into a single visual frame, rather than a series of slides or pages. This allows all discussed content to map onto one fixed space that learners can use to reinforce the concept and easily re-access in the future.  Each talk is designed for teachers to use as-is or adapt as needed.  Information on the online platform helps the resident or attending prepare for the talk.  Then they either reproduce a version of the Chalk Talk on a whiteboard/chalkboard or project the talk directly from the website on a screen or monitor.
  • Clinical Cases (20-30 minutes)– Case unknowns with evolving clinical course and teaching points revealed along the way. These are intended for Morning Report-style teaching.  While these are loosely based on true clinical encounters, each case has been deidentified in line with the standards of HIPPA Compliance and other Free Open Access Medical educational (FOAMed) resources.
  • Clinical Images (5 minutes)– One image, one teaching point. These brief posts are intended for 5-minute warm-ups before rounds or morning report.

Each format, especially a chalk talk, requires preparation time to become familiar with the material before using it to teach.

The Editors

Brandon Fainstad, MD

Brandon is the Creator and Editor-in-Chief of teachIM.org. His vision is to increase access to teaching content and make it easier for medical educators to teach better, more often.  After completing his residency training at the University of Washington he has spent his career in hospital medicine as a full-time educator.  His primary educational focus is on curriculum development, clinical reasoning and communication skills.  Clinically, he specializes in managing decompensated chronic disease, substance use disorders and end-of-life care.

Yilin Zhang, MD

Yilin is a hospitalist/nocturnist that joined the team in 2016. She has a focused interest in medical education - in particular, how to incorporate technology and online teaching tools into everyday teaching and how to simplistically present complex medical information. She is an avid reader of the medical literature and is an amateur artist in her free time.

Lauren Brown, MD

After completing her Internal Medicine residency and chief year at UWMC, Lauren began working with expert radiologists to develop a large archive of clinical images for the site.

Neha Deshpande, MD

Neha joined the editorial team shortly after completing an Internal Medicine residency at the UW in 2017.  She leads research for our team as we attempt to determine the most effective way forward. She has a strong passion for medical education, curriculum development, and mentoring.