Chest x-ray

Case Conferences
Cavitary Lesion
Interstitial Lung Disease
    Identify reticular opacities on a CXR due to amiodarone-induced interstitial lung disease.
Mediastinum and Hila
    Use tracheal deviation either toward or away from a large lung opacity on a CXR to narrow the differential of the lesion. (5 minutes)
    Identify an enlarged cardiac silhouette and determine the cardiac chambers accounting for cardiomegaly on a CXR. (5 minutes)
    Identify cardiomegaly with enlarged cardiac silhouette predominantly due to left and right atrial enlargement. (5 minutes)
    Differentiate between bulky lymphadenopathy and enlarged pulmonary arteries in a CXR with enlarged hila.
    Identify key features of a cardiac silhouette suggestive of a pericardial effusion
Obstructive lung diseases
    Use the meniscus sign to identify a pleural effusion. Use the degree of mediastinal shift to determine preponderance of effusion vs. atelectasis.
    Identify key features on a CXR that distinguish a tension pneumothorax from a simple pneumothorax on a (5 minutes)
    Use tracheal and mediastinal deviation to help differentiate the etiology of lung whiteout and other large opacities.
    Identify a pneumothorax and assess response to decompression with a chest tube.
    Identify pleural effusions in multiple fissures
Tubes, Lines, and Drains