Learn about the most common ventilator modes and how to differentiate between them and the basics of assessing a patient's oxygenation, ventilation, and respiratory mechanics.
Case-based application of highest value COPD chronic therapies and evidence-based outpatient management of COPD exacerbations. (45 minutes)
Evaluate and manage a patient with CAP - determine severity and site of management, identify risk factors for resistant pathogens and adjust empiric antibiotics based on risk factors.
Develop an approach to identifying acid-base disorders and practice the interpretation of ABGs through a series of cases (45 minutes).
Evaluate a patient with a pleural effusion. Differentiate between transudative and exudative effusions using Light's criteria. Learn to interpret the cell count and specialized testing to further narrow your differential. Differentiate between complicated and uncomplicated parapneumonic effusions and how this impacts management.
Learn a systematic approach to the differential diagnosis and evaluation of acute dyspnea in a hospitalized patient. Learn about the different causes of hypoxemia in the hospital and how to differentiate between them.