Ischemic CVA (Cerebrovascular Accident)

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Brandon Fainstad, MD
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  1. Apply a 5-step approach to the evaluation and management of acute cerebrovascular attack (CVA)
  2. Differentiate between CVAs eligible for systemic thrombolytics (e.g. tPA), endovascular therapy (EVT) or neither based on timing, clinical assessment and initial head imaging.
  3. Determine etiology of a CVA using targeted imaging.
  4. Based on the etiology of a CVA determine the appropriate short and long term secondary prophylaxis therapies.

Teaching Instructions

Plan to spend at least 30-60 minutes preparing for this talk by using the Interactive Board for Learning/Preparing and clicking through the graphics animations to become familiar with the flow and content of the talk. This can be presented in two ways:

1. Project the “Interactive Board for Presentation”
2. Reproduce a drawing of the presentation on a whiteboard.

With either method, print out copies of the Learner’s Handout so learners can take notes as you expand on …..



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Take Home Points

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Brandon Fainstad


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