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Popular Topics

Develop a framework for both underproduction and overproduction anemia, then reinforce the framework through short clinical cases (60 min).
Develop a framework for differentiating the cause (pre/intra/post-renal) of acute kidney injury (AKI)

Recent Topics

Identify common types of checkpoint inhibitors and their indications then use the NCCN guidelines to address common side effects. (20 min)
Differentiate hypertensive emergency and hypertensive urgency. Learn the general principles of management and the mechanism of action of most common antihypertnesives used in treatment.
Identify and describe lung sliding, A-lines, B-lines and lung consolidation using interactive graphics and videos (30 minutes)
Case-based application of highest value COPD chronic therapies and evidence-based outpatient management of COPD exacerbations. (45 minutes)