Recent Topics

Identify common types of checkpoint inhibitors and their indications then use the NCCN guidelines to address common side effects. (20 min)
Differentiate hypertensive emergency and hypertensive urgency. Learn the general principles of management and the mechanism of action of most common antihypertnesives used in treatment.
Identify and describe lung sliding, A-lines, B-lines and lung consolidation using interactive graphics and videos (30 minutes)
Case-based application of highest value COPD chronic therapies and evidence-based outpatient management of COPD exacerbations. (45 minutes)
Evaluate and manage a patient with CAP - determine severity and site of management, identify risk factors for resistant pathogens and adjust empiric antibiotics based on risk factors.
Differentiate between nonsevere, severe, fulminant, and recurrent C. diff infection and learn how these classifications affect management.
Identify the most appropriate first-line agent for patients with chronic hypertension and determine when to consider a secondary cause. (45 min)
Identify a pleural effusion and using lung ultrasound and describe the relative diagnostic accuracy compared to chest radiograph. (5 minutes)