Recent Topics

Describe the pathophysiology of different classifications of syncope. Select appropriate diagnostic tests. Identify high risk features that warrant inpatient evaluation.
Define the different groups of PH and describe a diagnostic approach to evaluating a patient with new PH.
Identify STEMI in various ECGs and determine the vascular distribution and myocardial region involved. (45 minutes)
Diffentiate varoius discrete lung opacities, including cavitary lesions, lung metastases, pulmonary nodules, lobar pneumnias and retrocardiac opacities (6 cases, 45 minutes)
Develop a stepwise approach to medical abortion - determine candidates for medical abortion, develop a follow-up plan, counsel on side effects and recognize complications.
Develop a systematic process for the evaluation and classification for a patient with chronic heart failure (HF). Initiate and titrate therapies for the complete spectrum of heart failure patients based on patient characteristics and medication side effects.
Interpret common tests used to diagnose multiple myeloma (MM). Recognize complications of MM. Differentiate between common plasma cell dyscrasias.
Outline the pathophysiology of common causes of vaginitis. Differentiate between causes of vaginitis and discuss risk reduction and treatment.
Review cervical cancer screening guidelines for average and high risk individuals. Use the ASCCP 2019 application to manage abnormal results.