Recent Topics

Identify the key ECG findings for atrial flutter (AF) and use three key features to distinguish it from other SVTs. (5 minutes)
Identify the key ECG findings (diffuse ST elevation and PR depression with PR elevation in aVR) for diagnosis of pericarditis - (5 minutes)
Learn about the principles of balancing immunosuppression, the differences between induction and maintenance immunosuppression and how this impacts common complications seen after transplant.
Differentiate hepatorenal syndrome from other causes of AKI, identify initial treatments and apply the framework through a series of brief cases. (40-50min
Evaluate a patient with a pleural effusion. Differentiate between transudative and exudative effusions using Light's criteria. Learn to interpret the cell count and specialized testing to further narrow your differential. Differentiate between complicated and uncomplicated parapneumonic effusions and how this impacts management.