Recent Topics

Assess stroke and bleeding risk in patients with chronic atrial fibrillation. Select appropriate anticoagulation and management strategy based on clinical scenario.
Review the spectrum of alcohol-related liver disease, definitions, diagnoses, and overview of management. Diagnose and manage alcohol-related hepatitis.
Introduce three standard cardiac ultrasound views through clinical integration of key cases: reduced EF, pericardial effusion, and RV strain.
Comprehensive resources including procedural video, quiz, and checklist for simulation-baed training and clinical assessment of thoracentesis.
Diagnose menopause. Manage common menopausal symptoms and complications. Understand indications for and risks of hormonal therapy.
Using case-based ECGs, teach the key concepts for differentiating and managing the common bradyarrhythmias and AV blocks. (45 minutes)
Identify key biliary anatomy and differentiate between gallstones and biliary sludge based on an echogenic shaddow. (5 min)