Recent Topics

Learn to diagnose and treat the most common myeloproliferative disorders. Develop a differential for polycythemia, thrombocytosis, and leukocytosis.
Using a structured framework, define and differentiate the common causes of abnormal uterine bleeding (AUB) through a case-based chalk talk.
Differentiate acute liver failure (ALF) from acute liver injury. Develop a basic differential and initial evaluation for ALF. Recognize common complications of ALF.
Learn about how to counsel patients about contraception and how to choose a contraception method based on patient goals and comorbidities.
Use cases to apply a clinical framework of diagnosis, secondary work-up, initial managment, and subsequent follow-up of osteoporosis (45 min).
Broad overview of the microbiology and empiric treatment regimens of common infections managed in the inpatient setting (pneumonia, UTIs, intraabdominal infections, SSTIs).
Learn how to evaluate and manage acute hyperkalemia in the hospital. Review ECG changes, temporizing measures, and medications to eliminate potassium.
Practice a reliable evaluation and treatment algorithm for depression and anxiety through an interactive talk and case series. (45 minutes)
Practice best techniques for image acquisition, identify key anatomic structures and pathologic findings in gallbladder ultrasound. (15 min).