Recent Topics

Identify erythroderma based on diffuse erythema without mucosal involvement, blistering or skin sloughing. (5 minute case)
Differentiate granuloma annulare from other pruritic annular plaques by distinguishing dermal from epidermal involvement (5-minute case).
Identify psoriasis based on characteristic morphology and distribution and describe the associated conditions. (5 minute case)
Identify the key ECG findings for atrial fibrillation (Afib) and use two key features to distinguish it from other SVTs. (5 minutes)
Use tracheal deviation either toward or away from a large lung opacity on a CXR to narrow the differential of the lesion. (5 minutes)
Identify key features to identify and determine the severity of congestive left heart failure on a chest x-ray. (5 minutes)